Monthly Archives: October 2009

The shed has begun!

We finally started work on the shed today!  Cut all the floor framing parts to the right length and started nailing them together.  My nailing technique needs work, I’m not used to hammering sideways, and my wrist got thrashed pretty quickly.  Will have to finish nailing tomorrow, or at the end of the week as rain is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Construction plan summary

Lately I’ve been thinking about how little I use my (hideously expensive) gym membership, and how nice it would be to have some gym equipment at home to use while watching TV or when I’ve got a half hour or so of downtime.  I rarely hit the gym after work as I usually want to get home and get some dinner, and once I’m home it feels like a big outing to get all my stuff together and head out to the gym.  Having an elliptical trainer or stationary bike and some weights at home would be much more convenient.  Unfortunately, there’s no room for such gear in our not-that-big house (3 bedrooms, my wife and I occupy one bedroom as a bedroom, one as an office, and we have a roommate that has the third).  So…

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